Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Women Speaking Up

Isn't it funny how people who bully people for a living get really annoyed when somebody takes issue with it? You're not only supposed to let them push you around; you're supposed to like it.

- from No, We're Not Going To Sit Down and Shut Up
Don Imus is at it again (1) and Michelle Martin at National Public Radio reminds us that women in public life still have to take on bullies and fools in ways that men do not.

Canary in a coal mine:

Rachael Maddow is asking the hard questions about coal and the cost of human life. The owner of this mine is another well known bully and union buster. You won't believe how many citations that mine had before it blew...

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My people come from coal miners in Scotland and Pennsylvania. Today my thoughts are with the miners and their families in West Virginia. Here is a look at the lives of the lost miners.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting is covering this story in great detail: Here is their website.



(1) See Recovering From Our Culture: Why Words Matter

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Art: Woman with Canary Nik Helbig. Her online store is here.

I love this piece. I don't know what the artist meant when she painted it but I see Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, sharing the loss of the grieving families and receiving the spirts of the lost miners in the form of the birds who once protected them.

Hat Tip to Bryon Ballard for the NPR story

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Hecate said...

One of the miners was just days away from retirement. West VA is a special place to me and I've seen the rape, there's no other word, of Mother Earth, that mountain-top mining imposes. The CEO was a tea-bagger as well. No one could have anticipated . . . .