Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Sir Terry Pratchett

I would like wish Terry Pratchett a very Happy Birthday.

You can catch up on the latest Terry news and read his April update

In other Discworld news, the Guild of Chelonavigators (1) AKA the North American Discworld Convention Steering Committee (2) is currently considering the bids from various U.S. cities applying to host the next NADWCon in 2011. Who will win, I wonder?

currently wearing the lilac

(1) Mr Pat Harkin, an old friend of Terry's and the official and very funny Discworld Auctioneer, gets credit for the Guild's name.

(2) The Guild is composed of individuals closely involved with the lovely success of the first NADWCon held in Phoenix, AZ last Sept. and who were asked by Himself to help choose and advise the next group hosting NADWCon in 2011.

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