Sunday, April 25, 2010

And the moon visits

Today, I would like to share a poem called And the moon visits by Parvaneh Torkamani

Hecate & Belle, this one's for you.



Update: We just heard the sad news about the Afghan girls who were poisoned by the Taliban for daring to go to school. So, this is for them, as well.


Hecate said...

That's what it means to be a woman in the Patriarchy. Learning is danger. Goddess guard those schoolgirls. Goddess guard them.

belle said...

Goddess bless and protect those young women. They are in the prayer basket which will hopefully be out under full moonbeams, weather permitting.

I love this Poet, I searched her and only came up with that Facebook link, and a whole lot a folks who reblogged your entry !

I wish she was published -- somewhere.

Thank you for the dedication ! I always tell folks that the some of the best pagan teaching is found right here on Full Circle !