Monday, March 08, 2010

Anne Hill on Reproductive Rights and the Divine Feminine

Today I would like to give over the floor to author and mother, Rev. Anne Hill, who writes about reproductive rights and the divine feminine for the Huffington Post.


...Conservatives in Washington have once more made women's reproductive rights a pawn in their power game. Why don't they come right out and say it: being female is a pre-existing condition, one that won't be guaranteed coverage at all if they have their way.

To those of us for whom the Divine Feminine is an important part of our religious life, the conservative, evangelical "pro-lifers" are not just attacking our rights to safe, legal, accessible abortion and contraception, they are making a mockery of the very concept of "life" itself.

You can read the rest here.

Brava! Anne


Art: Ostara by Helen Nelson Reed. Image found here.


belle said...

I prefer the term "anti-choice" why dignify them with a word that is pro anything ?

I know, I know, I should leave this on Anne's blog. But it feels nicer here ! :)

Hecate said...

Brava, Indeed!