Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thorn Coyle on What Makes A Serious Seeker

Well said, Thorn


What makes a “serious seeker” and at what point does someone cross that invisible threshold from casual to intense? As a person who is drawn to those with diligent practice who dedicate time and energy to their personal and spiritual quests, I comprehend wanting to celebrate with the like-minded. Personally, I’d rather be in a room full of people having what I consider to be smart and considered conversations – whether funny or sublime – than with people getting loudly drunk. My friends are all smart along with knowing how to have a good time. I value both qualities and want range and depth in my cohort.

But I’m not so sure that those “other” people at Pantheacon only want to party. I’m not so sure that those “other” people at Pantheacon are not seriously seeking. Perhaps they are seriously seeking. My sense is that their hearts and minds and souls are looking hard for something. Whether they’ve found the something that clicks with them on a more permanent level, I don’t know. But damn it, they are willing to try. They are showing up and opening to the energies at hand and saying, “yes, I may not yet be at a place where I’m practicing daily, and I may not yet have found a stable home in a tradition, but I am open to the power of the Gods and to the search of my own soul.” Their feet are on a path, whether I see the path or not.
- From the essay But Seriously by Thorn Coyle.

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Photo: From the National Theatre's production of Terry Pratchett's Nation

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