Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NADWCon Photos Are Up (North American Discworld Convention)

For those of you who are interested, there is now a link to North American Discworld Convention photos up on the NADWCon website. Look under "con photos, videos and links".

There is some talk of doing this all again in 2011 in a different city. If a well organized, decently funded group steps forward, it could happen. Many of the senior NADWCon volunteer staff have said that they would advise and help any new convention group as much as they can. Terry Pratchett has said that he'll be there "if I am spared" and we hope that he is.

As of this writing, he is working on the new Tiffany Aching novel to be called I Shall Wear Midnight. (1) After that he intends to start work on his autobiography and, possibly, another adult Discworld novel.

While in Arizona he visited the city of Tombstone and seemed much taken with the story of the OK Corral and Wiatt Earp. He also went to the Kitt Peak National Observatory, where he was given a tour by the Observatory's Director.


Photo: This way to the egress. Photo by Hereatwitsend. Discworld sign by Margaret Grady, Decorating Chair, Logistics Manager and Banquet Director, NADWCon.


Terry Pratchett News - Paul Kidby's website


...which he discussed late at one night in the hotel bar with a small group of Witches and Pagans, myself among them. I am not allowed to say any more except that I look forward to this next Tiffany book with great anticipation.

He also met Pagan author and former Canadian police detective Kerr Cuhulain and his wife at that same convention. I understand that Kerr has since sent him several of his books.

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