Monday, September 21, 2009

Betti and the Discworld Belly Dancers at NADWCon

Here are 3 brief amateur videos taken of the belly dancers at the Discworld Convention banquet. You can see the wonderful green screen photos taken of the some of the 300 guests at that event at the Avalon Arts website.

I had worked with Avalon Arts over the years at our Full Circle Witches' Balls (1) and I was able to recommend them for the Seamstress Guild party, where they did fantastic work. When Margaret Grady, the banquet's decorator and director asked me if they had a green screen, the happy answer was "yes", and you can see how well it all turned out. They also had a booth in the NADWCon dealer's room where they took photos of attendees in costume, including one of the better photos of Terry Pratchett I've seen. If I can get my hands on it, I will post a link to it here.


Dancers with flames

Here is a short clip with a close up of the flame work:

The infamous "Betti" (AKA Nobby Nobbs), the husband of one of the dancers, joins in ala Terry's book Jingo (wherein Nobby Nobbs, a guardsman behind enemy lines has to dress as a dancing girl and while working "undercover" discovers his feminine side.)

The video taker missed "Betti's" work on at the high table and his clowning around with Terry, which is a shame. Perhaps someone else caught it. I will keep my eye out for more videos.



Avalon Arts Studio

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(1) I understand that they took photos for another Witches' Ball in Benecia last March. This is no relation to our Full Circle yearly charity ball and costume event (which ceased production when I moved out of California) but I wish the organizers and the good folks at Avalon Arts all the best.

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