Monday, July 20, 2009

Loon Calls

I woke up today to find that I was at work, in my head, before I'd even got out of bed. Just the thought of walking the dog in a wooded park before the day got too hot seemed like a chore because my wretched To Do List was making it's early morning guilt call. Work, friends, home, community projects, creative projects, relationship, meeting my own needs...some days it just feels like far too much doing and not enough being.

My wise self knows to take a moment to center, balance and embrace the day. My negative self (who on days like this is 14 years old and bearing a mighty 'tude) has a rude response to that. So here I was, with not so much as one foot on the floor and already I felt rushed and harried and, let us be truthful, a bit sour on a bright and lovely day. So for me, and perhaps for you, too, I would like to share a moment of peace, a video titled
Loon Calls

The lessons always come when we need them, yes? Zen Habits has this to share today in a post titled Be Still

Be still.

Just for a moment.

Listen to the world around you. Feel your breath coming in and going out. Listen to your thoughts. See the details of your surroundings.

Be at peace with being still.

In this modern world, activity and movement are the default modes, if not with our bodies then at least with our minds, with our attention. We rush around all day, doing things, talking, emailing, sending and reading messages, clicking from browser tab to the next, one link to the next.

We are always on, always connected, always thinking, always talking. There is no time for stillness — and sitting in front of a frenetic computer all day, and then in front of the hyperactive television, doesn’t count as stillness.

This comes at a cost: we lose that time for contemplation, for observing and listening. We lose peace.

Read the whole thing, it's worth your time. You might also want to check out his book titled The Power of Less.


Who will rewrite her gratitude list this evening, in between loads of laundry and emails. Afterwards, I will look at the stars. But in the meantime....come on, dog! We're going to the woods.


Hecate said...

Ah, thank you. Takes me back to my friends' cottage on the lake in Vermont. Complete peace. I, too, usually am onto my to-do list before I'm even awake.

Cari said...

Ah, Sia, thank you. I finally "took time" to enjoy this lovely video. I have had this weird rushing feeling lately too. Is it that its past the summer solstice, and I already must start planning for Revels? It's like I feel summer slipping away already. Nice to have this reminder to just sit and be still for a few moments.
All is well,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this reminder--and I think I'm going to step away from the computer and do my meditation now!