Saturday, June 27, 2009

Inanna on Pagan values and the scanctity of earth

Today I would like to share a link to a post by Inanna. (1) It is a well written, succinct and thoughtful summation of what Pagans believe and practice when it comes to earthwise issues. As a Green Witch I think that she's done a wonderful job talking not just about the ways we feel about Mamma Gaia but the ways in which we work to connect with and heal the earth. This is one of the essays you keep in your files and hand out to both newcomers and friends. It is titled Pagan Values: the scanctity of the earth.

Check out her other posts on Pagan values, as well. The lady does good work.


In keeping with this value, Pagans strive to live in right relationship with the earth and her creatures. We invoke the ideas of balance and right relationship and reject models of dominance. We may practice permaculture, buy organic foods, garden organically, strive to live sustainably, belong to conservationist groups and land trusts, advocate rights or protections for animals, or shelter and rescue domestic animals. Most of the Pagans I know are involved in one or more of these practical, earth-honoring activities.

...Surely the image of earth as Mother arose in cultures where there was less separation from the land than in ours, and where breastfeeding children was the norm. The way that a human mother gives of herself for her child, providing nourishment and care, fulfilling the needs of early life, mut have struck our ancestors as analogous to the way the earth provides us with water, food, medicine, shelter.

Read the whole thing. I recommend keeping it bookmarked. It's a great teaching tool.



(1) Drat the woman. She can do in one page what takes me five to accomplish. Again, great work Inanna.

Art: Dawangyump - Tewa Music Under Moondog Sky. It comes from the First People website - the section on native art and artists.

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