Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Will Wall-E Be There? CES and CNET

Oh, to be at CES now that winter's here. I would go as much for the sunshine as the tech, since it's in Vegas, but like everyone else, we are traveling less, so I will content myself by reading about it on CNET.

Today we look (yet again) for the propane truck to arrive. If the truck driver sees the tiniest bit of snow, he scurries like a timid groundhog back into his truck and won't come down our road for another week. (1)


(1) Our home and water heaters both run on gas and we have a propane tank in the side yard. Try getting that re-filled during a snowstorm....which is why I spend my time reading up on solar panels and affordable electric systems. One of these days, we'll get off the grid, but that day is not yet here.

Image: Wall-E - My hero - photo and notes on the uniquely dark and funny comedy found at Hollywood Today

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