Monday, October 13, 2008

A Much Needed Antidote To the News of the World

With Samhain coming, Anne Hill writes about the things of the spirit: a time when all the news is lit with neon, it is easy to get lost in the bright lights. Particularly if it is our retirement that has vanished, or our job that is on the line, and when the future of so many countries hangs in precarious balance, we are gripped by urgency and cannot easily break away. The dominant narrative is powerful and pervasive, riveting, life-changing. Yet the subtle flows of power and feeling are still at work too,....

I found her post to be a much needed antidote to the news of the world.

Thank you, Anne


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Celtic Crystal said...

The hysteria hasn't reached to us here in the Caribbean. Knowing what was going on in the wider world, and acknowledging the Trinidadian habit of "it won't reach here", I was not surprised when the BMW Christmas ads blazonned the newspapers this week.
We are not prepared in this little thrid world-oil rich country.....
But spirit will take the forefront to any crisis our island undergoes- "we cannot be scathed, God is a Trini"
is our usual attitude