Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Biography of John McCain

This video is called "Reformed Maverick: A Biography of John McCain", and, Gods, is it funny.

This isn't about politics. This is about hypocrisy. When our public servants lie, regardless of party or ideology, they should be called on that lie.

Posted with thanks to Jon Stewart and good people at The Daily Show.


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Excerpt: While the show scrambled in its early years to book high-profile politicians, it has since become what Newsweek calls “the coolest pit stop on television,” with presidential candidates, former presidents, world leaders and administration officials signing on as guests. One of the program’s signature techniques — using video montages to show politicians contradicting themselves — has been widely imitated by “real” news shows, while Mr. Stewart’s interviews with serious authors like Thomas Ricks, George Packer, Seymour Hersh, Michael Beschloss and Reza Aslan have helped them and their books win a far wider audience than they otherwise might have had.

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