Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blue Pagans at the DNC - How Truly Interfaith Is The Democratic Party?

The Democratic Convention has made much of the interfaith service held prior to the convention. While I did not observe true inclusion - no Pagans were mentioned on the service notes and other earthwise paths were missing, as well - I do see attempts being made.

Rita Morgan at Blue Pagans at the DNC writes.

I approached today's interfaith service with a grain of salt. OK, let's be truthful...a bucket of salt would be closer to the way I was feeling. Knowing that several folks in Pagan leadership had sent e-mails to the Obama "people of faith"outreach, and that none of us had received a response, I was prepared for disappointment.

Joyfully that's not what I got.

You can read more at their blog.

My thanks to the Wild Hunt blog for pointing me to this link


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Unknown said...

Sia -

I don't know if you've seen the "I love your blog!" nominations going around, but you're one of mine! There's more information on my blog here.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Stumbling blindly around I found your blog. Kudos for saying what many, including myself think, and are hesitant to say.

As far as faith and the Democratic Party, I think the democrats have become the party of the ACLU. They have moved from embracing all faiths to embracing no faith. To have any faith has become offensive to the truly democratic credo.