Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Sweet Way To Help the Honey Bees

Haagen Daz has come up with a sweet way to help the world's endangered honey bees. I'm in.

Meanwhile, check out Panthea's post on Helping the Bees. She includes a list of bee friendly plants.

She writes this about the a Goddess of Crete:

In ancient Crete the bee was venerated as a symbol of the Goddess. We don’t know the Bee Goddess’ name, but I tend to call her Merope, the Honey Faced...the Minoans were smart enough to understand the connection between all of life and to understand what it meant to live in harmony with the rest of the planet. They observed the work of the bees and noted how, without the buzz, their crops would fail and their lives would end.
For more on the subject of myth, culture, bees and the sacred, see The Bee Goddess website


Image: Mural titled Pomona Envisioning The Future by Kevin Stewart-Magee
You can read about it at Rainwalker's page.

She writes:

...I was absolutely stunned, while walking a street I long have regarded as a reflection of the awful waste of urban blight, to see none other than the Great Goddess Pomona Herself, in all Her glory and at least 3 stories high, blessing the land, covering it again with beauty and hope. The mural, "Pomona Envisioning the Future," is the final piece of an extraordinary community art project facilitated by artist Judy Chicago, muralist Kevin Stewart-Magee, and others in 2003. More than 35 artists and helpers and a year's effort was involved in the mural (shown in progress). The detail above does not show the images of groves growing over composting heaps of industrial waste, or a circle of people sitting in council to the right of the painting, envisioning a new world, overseen and inspired by the numinous, purple clad, Roman Goddess.

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