Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cat Adoption Team Celebrates Their 10th Birthday

The Cat Adoption Team celebrates their 10th anniversary today. This is a cheerful, no kill shelter in Sherwood, Oregon. As part of their nonprofit mandate they

* Rescue abandoned, orphaned, homeless and sick cats from all over the Portland Metro area
* Take in cats from other local shelters (shelters that have to euthanize when they get too full) to help lighten their load and save lives.
* Foster hundreds of cats & kittens every year,
* Give away food to other cat rescue groups in need,
* Offer low cost spay and neuter programs,
* Care for sick and injured cats in their on site hospital
and - best of all -

* They adopt out thousands of cats and kittens to good homes every year.

Congrats to the hundreds of caregivers, volunteers and supporters who make their work possible.

See you at the party,


Photo: Green-eyed shelter cat in need of a home, courtesy of a pal at WitsEnd photos.

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