Sunday, March 02, 2008

Nature Needs To Listen To US!

Now this is funny. It's a video of Will Ferrell doing King George, lamely trying to explain global warming.

This, now...not so much:

Over one million plants and animals, a quarter of all life on land, could become extinct in just decades due to man-made climate change, scientists say.

The main culprit for this change, they say in an article in the British journal Nature, is greenhouses gases, which are churned out by automobiles and industry and trap heat in the earth's atmosphere.

...Australia, one of the regions studied, would lose over half of its more than 400 butterfly species by 2050, thanks to global warming.

Brazil's Cerrado area, a savannah-type area with a wealth of plant and animal species, could lose between 39 and 48 per cent of its flora -- thousands of plants whose medical or scientific benefits will never be known.

Meanwhile, GreenPeace imagines a very different kind of city.



My thanks to The Green Daily for point me to the GreenPeace link

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