Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Help Build A New Cat Shelter For Free

The Cat Adoption Team Adopted out 3,027 cats in 2007. In the Portland Metro area alone, over 13,000 cats are euthanized every year for lack of shelter space.


There's no doubt about it: the Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood desperately needs a new shelter. Open a door -- any door -- and you'll find cats on the other side. Loved cats. Clean cats. Fabulous cats. But crowded cats.

The Cat Adoption Team wants more space to be able to give the cats better lives, promote adoptions, and upgrade its wonderful but spartan on-site veterinary clinic.

This no-kill shelter is hoping to get some help in funding that dream shelter -- at no cost to cat lovers.

Internet site Zootoo is holding a contest. The shelters that get the most clicks -- for everything from just signing up to support a shelter to chatting about topics to buying products -- wins a million dollar makeover. The second place winner gets $10, 000 for its shelter, and the following 18 top placers receive $5000.

While other Northwest shelters have signed up, the Cat Adoption Team is the Oregon shelter that has a real chance of winning, based on interest in the site so far. Right now it ranks 44th out of 3881 shelters registered -- and with a little help from its friends could very easily move up to the top 20.

Click here if you want to sign up for free and vote for the shelter:


Please support whatever shelter you want, but it would help us all if you could click on one you like.

Sia V.

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