Friday, November 30, 2007

Holiday Food Give Away to Cats In Need

Update on Black Cat Adoption Special:

I am happy to report that C.A.T. found homes for 11 black or mostly black cats (both adults and kittens) during the Black Cat Adoption Special last weekend. I happen to know that some of the cats went to very good Pagan homes (Don't ask - let's just say I have my sources). My thanks to those of you who read this blog or saw my notice at The Witches Voice and gave these beasties a home for the holidays.

Further Notes:

12/7 through 16 CAT will be offering $25 off the single adoption fee of any cat 1 year or older.

They will continue to offer the Better with a Buddy Program ($50 off the second adoption fee)

Extended Hours: CAT will be open later for even more adopting. M-Sat 10-7 and Sun 10-6 through the month of December. Lots of extra time for people to stop by after work - so tell all of your friends.

Holiday Pet Food Give Away:

Speaking of the holidays, the folks at CAT had a very good time yesterday handing out food to other shelters in the area. (click on the link for pictures).

So No Shelter or Rescue Animal Goes Hungry This Season

They came with cars, pickups, and large delivery trucks on Thursday, November 29 - sixteen shelters and animal rescue organizations from across the Portland metro area descended on CAT in Sherwood. They were picking up pet food donated by Castor & Pollux and distributed by CAT. Over 17 pallets of dog, cat, and kitten food were parceled out. Many organizations, like The Pixie Project—in NE Portland, took as many bags as a two-door coup would hold. Others benefited from the use of larger trucks like House of Dreams, which sent a large delivery truck.

Throughout its nine year history, CAT has made it a priority to build positive coalitions with animal shelters and rescues across the state. Organizations benefit through sharing best practices, information, and resources - all with the goal of saving more lives.

Today, CAT was able to share the bounty of a large pet food donation from Castor & Pollux with these organizations. Approximately 60,000 pounds of high quality organic pet food was given to CAT in November. CAT will keep about 8,000 pounds to feed the cats and kittens in its care through the coming year.

CAT wishes to thank Castor & Pollux for its generous donation.

Tis the season of giving, after all, and we Pagans are givers.
not see what an animal shelter or homeless shelter in your town might need? A few blankets or some food can really help.

If you live in the Portland Metro Area, check out the Cat Adoption Team and their 8 different venues where good cats are waiting to find a home for the holidays.

Regards to all here,

Sia V.

Art: Cat Wall Plaques by David Lawrence in both cotswall stone and terricota are available at White Winds

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