Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ring of Fire - The Southern California Wildfires

My thoughts today are with my dear friend and colleague, Chaos, and with many other friends and members in Southern California. (1)

Chaos lives in Newhall and her place is surrounded by fire on all sides. She is waiting to hear if she will need to evacuate. Much depends on the Santa Anna winds.

Please keep the animals and people caught in these blazes in mind. Keep a thought, too, for the brave men and women who are fighting these fires and those working to save the farm animals, pets and wildlife that are effected.

For more information, go to



California Fire News

KCRW (National Public Radio Station in Los Angeles)
Fire News

In San Diego, they're calling it "The Witch fire"

Pets, Farm Animals and Wildlife

Pet Safety in Fires

Peta's Warning

SPCA'S Dart Team Rescues Animals caught in the fire

Directory of Animal Shelters from Rescuers.com - Folks, right now, they could use your help. All donations of supplies, time or funds are gratefully accepted.

LA County Animal Care and Control has a number for folks who need help evacuating their animals. That number is 818-919-6384. Small Animals can be brought to the Agoura Animal Shelter....large animals to Pierce College.

Emergency Preparedness Information at Petfinders.com

Owners Scramble To Find Safe Haven For Horses

Note from Wren's Nest News:
The Foundation for The Pure Spanish Horse (http://prehorse.org/_main/) office has been inundated with phone calls worried about our friends in CA.

If you are in CA and need help evacuating your horses please call the office at 505.294.0800 for a list of people who are willing to help.

If you can help someone who has to evacuate either by helping with transportation or by housing their horses please contact the office.

Earth Science

Wildfires & Wind - How Stuff Works

How non-native grasses are fueling the fires


(1) Most of us are keeping in touch by phone right now. A network of friends is helping find places for other people to stay. Some others work to help animals. The horse people are out there right now, getting animals off the ranches and family farms and into safety. Others are working with local shelters and rescue groups.

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