Monday, August 06, 2007


What is the essence of your practice?

How do you distill that down one word?

Those were the questions in an academic Pagan group. These questions intrigue me. This is my answer: I'd say it in two words: connection & co-creation.

I say this as a Taoist Pagan as well as a grass roots organizer, a Greenwitch and as someone who works very closely with plants and animals.

For what it's worth, I do not worship the Gods and Goddesses. I celebrate their natures, I honor their gifts and I look for their presence in myself, in others and in the world(s) around me.

Other answers included: Balance * Communion * Compassion * Dialogue * Duty * Ecstasy * Family * Frith (Honor) * Gnosis * Groking * Home * Heart * Justice * Liberation * Paradox * Preparation * Responsibility * * Reclaiming * Restoration * Returning * Reverence * Sacralisation * Song & Story * Study * Syncretism * Thankfulness * Will

I find it interesting that no one said joy, abundance and embracing change; three things I recommend we look for in our teachers and Circles. Is that lacking in our discussions, overall, or do some of us just take these blessings for granted?


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