Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Albert the Kitten

This is Albert and he is taking his first bath. Give him a minute; he's about to roll over on his back, and you can see his cute face. He is doing well for such a little guy. (1)

Albert was found abandoned at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and he is now in kitten foster care. This video was made by Lisa, a dedicated cat rescue volunteer in New York. To read about Albert's rescue and see more kitten pictures, check out Lisa's Botanical Kittens photoset on Flickr.

It's still kitten season, and animal shelters like BARC can use your support. Most animal rescue groups have a Wish List for supplies, so if you can't give cash, consider donating some paper towels or a little of your free time.

Mamma Bast, protect your children and all who care for them,


Off the Shelf:

Meet Ginny & Phillip: Two of my favorite New Yorkers:

The Dog Who Rescues Cats: True Story of Ginny
This poignant canine memoir recounts the story of Ginny, a Long Island dog with a remarkable ability to seek out and rescue homeless cats. Simple but delightful, the story is narrated from the perspective of Ginny's owner, Philip Gonzalez. Badly disabled in an industrial accident, Gonzalez quickly fell into a downward spiral of despair. His saving grace arrived in the form of a small, scruffy grey dog. Ginny quickly provided Philip with a focus in life: cats--hundreds of them. Each chapter recounts Ginny's amazing rescues of helpless felines. Particularly heartwarming is the image of Ginny running across broken glass to reach a kitten in distress. As Ginny saved cats, Philip housed them, and soon his life was taken over by the creatures--many disabled or disfigured.

The Blessing of the Animals: True Stories of Ginny, the Dog Who Rescues Cats
he Blessing of the Animals lets fans catch up on Ginny's latest adventures. Her newfound fame hasn't diminished her selfless devotion to her feline friends, and since the publication of her first book, she's carried out some of her most incredible rescues yet.

both books are by Phillip Gonzalez


Very young foster kittens who come in without their mothers are known as Bottle Babies. It is possible to care for these in your home, but you need expert advice in order to do so. Here are some helpful links:

Hand Raising & Bottle Feeding Kittens

How to Bottle Feed A Newborn Kitten

Please call your Vet for advice before you attempt to rescue very young kittens.

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