Sunday, June 03, 2007

Article with Pagan Soldier in New Witch

Sia's Post:

Pagan Warrior Update:

I've just been informed by the publisher that New Witch Magazine will feature an interview with a Pagan member of the military recently returned from serving in Iraq. This interview will appear in their July 07 issue.

You can find a review of this magazine by Mammawitch here. She writes book reviews for Pagan parents at the Music for the Goddess website.

You can also check out the New Witch blog.

Off the Shelf:


SageWoman Magazine

New Witch Magazine

Full Disclosure: These magazines are published by Anne Niven & Co. over at BBI Media. Anne is an old pal 'o mine, and my work has appeared in PanGaia.

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Art: New Witch Magazine: Cover of current issue, featuring Australian singer/ songwriter Wendy Rule.

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