Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pagans with Skills

Friends of mine are opening a store in San Jose. I sent out a letter to my Crafty Pagans List today about that. I used the kind of key words and phrases that Organizers use when telling others, "Hey! These are Pagans with skills, and they do what they say they will do. You can trust them". Such key words tell those receiving my letter that these are not the gods-awful flaky Pagan types we see so often. Those of us who have been burned by circling or working with that kind are understandably wary of meeting any more. But these folks are different. So, I wanted the List to know that.

To: Da List

Some friends of mine are opening up a new knitting/fiber store, with classes, in the San Jose area. Some of you will know Sandy, Kevin & Kaye, et al, from various charity events and other community projects we've organized via Full Circle, as they were often a part of our senior volunteer staff. I've worked with them for over five years now, and they are organized, friendly, hard working and creative. They have the knowledge, work ethics and people skills needed for a project of this kind and I believe that it will be a great success. Sandy is a excellent teacher and I'm sure that she will attract others just like her to the new store, and that they will create a wonderful, fun space for creative folks, both at their real world site and in their Yahoo group. Check it out. Here is the link to their blog about the store.

For those of you who live elsewhere, you might like their Yahoo group. A link to that is at their blog.

Please spread the word, if you can.

FYI: The store is currently under construction


Recently, a different Pagan, but someone equally talented and capable, asked me how to find other Pagans with real world skills for her projects. I told her to read the book "Cultural Creatives", write down the phrases and key words that describe such people, and to use those terms when describing her own events and her bio and when writing any announcements for openings. She also needs to use these magic words in any job descriptions and training manuals (yes, Virginia, we do need to use those) for volunteers, teachers or staff. Then I said, "Make sure that you live up to these words!"

All this is really just folk wisdom, summed in a phrase most of us know well:

"Birds of a feather, flock together"

Other Pagan Doers will be drawn to these magic words, like songbirds to a tree, because they know the tune their own kind sings when they hear it.


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