Thursday, October 06, 2005

Small World

I was working with the gardeners in our backyard the other day when we found an injured young possum. Mr. Velasquez took me aside and told me about it very gently and carefully. I think he thought that the nice middle aged lady would cry "A rat!" and run into the house in hysterics. I like Mr. Velasquez, he has the instincts of a gentleman. Plus, he's a mad fiend with a hedge trimmer.

I told the guys to step back away from the animal and keep an eye on it while I went back into the house for supplies. (The poor thing was bleeding from one leg; I suspect he was cat caught last night. He was sitting out in the middle of the bright morning, right out in the open in a sunny spot and clearly he was not going anywhere, but it gave the men something to do). I came out of the house with our largest cat carrier, wearing my face shield and my raptor gloves (which are made of stiff, thick leather and come up past the elbow). I walked up to the possum (who, of course, didn't move) grasped him firmly by the back of the neck and under his tummy, and placed him gently into the carrier. I put a towel over the carrier, picked it up, and said "Guys, I'll be back in half an hour, I'm taking him down to wildlife rescue."

I know, I know: I over did the drama with the face shield, but the look on their faces was worth it. The gloves were relevant, though. Those little buggers have a very mean bite.

When I got to the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley I saw a number of people I know and like from other venues. Oddly enough, it looked like for all the world like I'd walked in on the Pagan Shift. I gave them Mr. Possum and while he went into exam we chatted a bit about past Witches' Balls. Then Janet, their founder and Director came out and we got to talking about old friends. It seems that Officer Christine Franco (the winner of our first Gaia's Guardian Award) is out in New Orleans working for the Humane Society helping to rescue animals trapped out there. Sounds just like her. Janet has promised to arrange a lunch for the three of us in future. I haven't seen much of Christine since she moved to L.A. so it will be good to catch up.

Meanwhile, my own partner is getting ready to go out to that area with the Red Cross. He is an experienced RC volunteer and a trained EMT and he has been on the waiting list to go out since Katrina hit. He has a special training session on 10/11 and then they get word as to where and when they ship out. His office is letting him take personal time for this and he could be gone from anywhere from one week to three weeks, depending on what they need and whether or not another hurricane hits while he's there. Once I know where he is going I will write to Kerr at Officers of Avalon and find out who among his people is there already. That way, CL will have some contacts going in. It would be great if he ran into Christine, as they like each other very much.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: I talked to Farrell (one of Sage's students as it turns out, a great gal I met quite by accident at a dog park here in town) about a Dalmation dog her friend rescued off the street. I've put a notice about "Sally" into our newsletter and called the dog's foster dad. Sally is coming over to my place this Friday for a play date with my dog. If she is gentle and loving, we may get her for my Mom. Mom is a bit lonely since my dad died, and she wants another dog. She has a thing for Dalmations, so Sally may indeed be a sending.

Finally, the Harvest Celebration went well (more about that later). Among the attendees was a nice young couple, Frank and Debbie, who we'd never met before. They were new to the area so we hooked them up with some contacts. We even got them a contact for nice new apartment in a building run by a Pagan gal we know. Molly is one of our Senior Staff and she was my co-hostess at this event. There are now several Pagan couples in her building, so that's a nice safe place for them and they have other Pagans who can help them find good circles in the area.


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