Monday, September 19, 2005

All Hail

I talked to K. about being on our Council next year. I hope she says 'yes'.

I was at housewarming party at her place last weekend to celebrate the unveiling of their new crafts studio. It took them a long time to build and it's a great space; well lit, organized, and comfortable. It's nice to see artists who value their work highly enough to create a special space for it. The space felt loved. I don't often get to be around thread and fabric artists these days but I remember it from growing up, as I was raised by a seamstress, who was herself the daughter of same. The creative vibration is different from what you feel in a painter's room or even in a writer's room. I liked it.

K. lives with her "spice" (such a lovely term) in a polyamorous family. Their home is very much a place of love, activity and peace and it was a pleasure to be there. They have a historic late Victorian house and the ghost of the original owner, a women, still visits from time to time - I'm rather jealous of that. Our place was built in 1958 and the only ghosts we have are former pets buried in the backyard. They are lovely, mind you, just not real chatty. One feels a happy furry presence near the bird feeders from time to time, but that's about it.

At this point, I've talked to everyone on the Council List informally and this week I'm going to write a letter of invitation to these same prospective members. This is a job I like doing, as it lets me tell them why we value them so highly. (Most people never get to hear that kind of thing). I will send this letter out on October 1st and ask for a reply by Samhain. That way, we start out the new year with new (and some returning) Council members. We've always had very good people on this council, and I thank the Goddess for that on a regular basis.

The Council's focus will now change. It goes from being a very involved managing board to an executive council, which means much less hands on work (unless someone wants to start and oversee their own project). It means more discussion about focus and (finally!) much less work for me and mine.

By and large, we choose Ordinary Pagans for our Council, with a few Bohemian types thrown in for good measure. This year I've invited those people who would have the vision, the common sense, experience in community, the professional skills to help us change and grow as we need to in the coming years.

Speaking of Ordinary Pagans, I've nagged Snakemoon until she finally submitted that essay of hers to the Witches' Voice. She's a busy gal, but this is an important piece and I wanted in the literature, as t'wer.

Both of us are now working on a book of essays. I fantasize about combining these and making a Full Circle book of essays, which would be fun, but a bit impractical.

I still get dozens of note from teachers asking for copies of "It's a Mystery". I've decided to self publish parts I & II, combined with "The Shadow Knows" and the "Bard and the Poser" and offer these as a collection at PantheaCon. I'll have people write checks for same to a charity group.


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