Monday, September 05, 2005

Practical Magick

The September newsletter is up.

The hurricane hit as we were getting the website ready for publication. We knew it was bad and would get worse. I talked to the staff, combed through my files, and put up practicle information for people dealing with the aftermath of Katrina, just alike we did in 2001.

The prose is below. The links to all these sites are in the newsletter.

We found that this helped a lot of people after 9/11. I hope we can be of use again.



KATRINA – How you can help & help for you and yours

As we did after 9/11, we ask “How are you folks doing?” and offer practical advice and help. Our thoughts go out to all those affected by Hurricane Katrina, and all those who are trying to help.

Donating Funds & Supplies:

If you would like to help those people and animals suffering from the effects of hurricane Katrina the Staff at Full Circle recommend sending donations to these organizations:

Officers of Avalon: This is a nonprofit organization composed of Pagan police officers, fire fighters, and EMTs. They are collecting funds for those who have lost their homes and livelihood in New Orleans. All monies they receive will be forwarded to charity organizations that helping to provide emergency aid to the survivors of these natural catastrophes. They have already raised over $6,000 in funds for Katrina relief efforts. 100% of all funds collected will be given to relief charities in the name of Pagans everywhere.

United Animal Nations – Emergency Response Teams: Thousands of animals are now lost, homeless, injured, trapped, and starving. UAN is coordinating response efforts with several other organizations that are providing animal disaster relief - including the ASPCA, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Colorado-based Code 3 Associates, the Humane Society of the United States, American Humane, and Best Friends Animal Society.

UAN has alerted all of their 2,300 trained EARS volunteers, and already more than 1,100 people are responding. They are not funded by the government but by private contributions, and they need our support.

The Witches’ Voice: The Witches' Voice, Inc. will donate 100% of all sponsorship payments received (both new and renewals) from September 1st. thru Samhain (Oct. 31st.) 2005 to emergency services providing aid for the victims of hurricane Katrina. They willdetailall monies received and checks released on a weekly basis. Your donation is 100% tax deductible

The Red Cross: An interfaith nonprofit agency with a proven track record which uses their money wisely.

How Are You Folks Doing?

· Practical suggestions for dealing with the recent hurricanes.

· Disaster Handouts & Links: Begun after 9/11 and consistently updated, this site includes many links for helping children and families.

· Sesame Street Page: Tragic Times, Helping Words. Advice on helping children cope & PSA’s for parents.

· Information on Past Traumatic Stress and how Hurricane Katrina is affecting those caught in its aftermath, as well as those watching, worrying, and grieving at home. It also has disaster fact sheets, fact sheets for survivors and medical personnel, and further information on how you can help.

Inspiration & Hope:

· Op-Ed: Honoring Labors of the Heart. Excerpt: As we begin the almost unimaginable task of helping, healing and rebuilding lives in the deadly wake of Hurricane Katrina, we should remember that as with all catastrophes that scar our land volunteers will lead the way…But the most remarkable thing about this “Army of Hope” is that most of them are working without any compensation.

· This second article looks at the hardships these willing volunteers will face. Excerpt: About 50 new and aspiring volunteers stuffed themselves and their ideals into a room Thursday night at the chapter's offices in downtown Palo Alto and listened, hard, to what they might encounter. The veteran volunteers talked about the 13 hardship scenarios contained in the DSHR Disaster Services Human Resources) System Handbook. "For Katrina, every hardship code is being applied except C5 -- extreme cold.”

Disaster Preparedness:

Are you ready?

Red Cross – Make a plan.

FEMA – A page for kids and a pamphlet for adults

Red Cross Disaster Preparedness & Response – Information for seniors, people with disabilities, people with pets, children, and schools.

Department of Homeland Security: Useful list of emergency supplies and other information.

Coping with Grief:

Dr. Weil’s website states:

Most of us will experience periods of grief at some point in our lives. These lows can be due to the death of a loved one, having to give up something or someone we care deeply for, or experiencing a difficult decision that may produce anger or sadness. In addition to its impact on our state of mind, grief can impair immune function and negatively affect your health. It is important that you make an effort to take care of yourself at those times, to get some exercise daily and to eat healthy, balanced meals. When grief becomes overwhelming, the best thing to do is seek grief counseling, which can help you work through the pain, and find acceptance and meaning in your experience. Spiritual counseling can also be helpful, as can some medications; discuss these choices with your physician. For more information on health and grief, go here.

From the Center for Living with Dying: Here are two helpful articles you can download (acrobat reader required – the download is free) from the Center for Living with Dying. They also offer a reading list.

How the Internet is Helping:

Meanwhile, the Wired Magazine notes that Craig’s list and other Internet sites are helping people caught in Katrina’s wake a variety of ways.

The Red Cross & Red Crescent have jointly announced Family Linking programs to help families find each other.

Calling Home:

While most cell phones are down, Globalstar, a company based in Milpitas, CA, is helping people connect via their satellite phones, as they did during the Tsunami and other global disasters. Excerpt: Milpitas handheld-satellite-phone provider Globalstar said Friday that the company had shipped about 5,000 satellite phone handsets to aid relief workers and families throughout the hurricane-damaged South to accommodate growing demand from relief agencies and residents. They have donated over 100 to help communication on the ground between agencies. Business Week asks: Will this change the way phone carriers operate in future?


Part II of It's a Mystery is in the essay section of that newsletter. It is on healthy groups and individuals.

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