Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Grieving & working

The staff here have spent the past week glued to NPR & CNN, grieving the losses in New Orleans; both the losses we see and the ones we know are yet to come. We've tried to work through it all, and we keep talking to one another on the phone and via email to see what can be done.

I've been in touch with Fritz at The Witches' Voice and Keer at Officers of Avalon. Both men are working on relief efforts. Gods, I love these guys. No hand wringing or cries of "Someone must do something!" instead there is just one question from them: "How can I help?". Then they get to work. Bless them.

Both groups have has raised thousands in just a few days and this money which will go directly towards relief. Both will give full accountings of money raised and money spent - very unusual for Pagan groups, but not unusual for them. When we did the Witches' Ball we did that, of course, but I've always been amazed at how many Pagan groups don't tell people where their money goes.

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