Sunday, April 10, 2005

Now That You're Free

I received an email recently from a Pagan group leader the other day. It said, "Now that you aren't doing the Witches' Ball any more, could you help us get a foothold in your area? We want to do events there."

Tactless, I know. We're still in mourning over here for our wonderful Witches' Ball. An acknowledgement of that loss would have been kind. When I read that email, I felt like a rich widow who has just buried her beloved husband and who now has someone trying to fix her up with their brother at the gravesite. Oh, well.

This Lady has been supportive of our work in the past and she wants to do good work out here. I can help them, and I did. (1)


(1) I gave them info on finding halls, contacts, et all and offered to send out notices to our general volunteer list. The Organizer was shocked to find how much halls cost to rent out for classes and events and how few Pagan or New Age stores are left standing after the crash. And few of these stores have space for classes or rituals. Even the parks out here are expensive.

Yep. We've been saying it's expensive out here for some time now....and people still ask why a ticket to an event couldn't be $5 - $10.00. I've learned over the years that some people will always complain about something. We could offer an event for free with food and entertainment and some people would still find fault.

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