Friday, April 08, 2005

Exit, Stage Left

The April newsletter is up. It contains the essay canceling the Witches' Ball and stating what we'll do from here on out.

It's so long, it even has chapters.


Answer Me These Questions Three - Changing Times and the Witches' Ball

The Three Sisters * The Transit of Venus * The Way You Wear Your Hat * Dunka Shane * The New World Order * Three Questions * Grounding & Closing the Circle * The Way You Look Tonight * What We Did After 9/11 * Who Does She Think She Is?


I took out the bits most of the staff liked. Frankly, I was worried that telling the truth in the newsletter about some of the challenges involved in producing events like the Witches' Ball, could be seen, not as a warning or as a teaching tool, but as anger. The gossip mongers would then go off on a tangent, and that would be all people remembered. Advisors I trust thought the same thing. So, those bits are out. I know that the Decorating Committee, in particular, liked the blunt honesty in some of those earlier paragraphs about Pagan volunteers, but these notes will have to wait for the book.

They say that Solon left Athens with a warning, and that the Athenians took it as a curse. I didn't want that to happen here. Our staff deserve to be remembered for what they've achieved - that had to come first. Teaching can come later.

So, we've left the stage on the highest note possible.

The essay is far too long, of course, and I have to wonder how many people will actually read it. But the bit of Pagan history we've made is now on the page. At most, it honors our volunteers. At the very least, we can point to it to correct the usual rumors.

We started something wonderful. It's up to other groups to see if they can match it.

The bio on me is in there just so people know that I've done this sort of thing before and might actually know what I'm talking about. It is subtitled "Who Does She Think She Is" and I've tried to keep the pompous to a minimum.

Give me a year. By that time, I will be rested and I can bring the
funny. Many of these stories can be humorous and instructive, but until I get my swing back, I shouldn't try and write them.


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