Sunday, October 03, 2004

Shake what Momma gave you

I put flyer packets together today to send to stores. It's sad how many of the old stores are gone, especially here in the South Bay. Some new ones have opened up in the East Bay and Boulder Creek and they seem to be doing good work.

The Dj is set. I'll send his retainer fee tommorrow. I love his song list. This guy "gets it" that people like to listen to one kind of music, but that they will get out and dance a very different sort. If you want to fill a dance floor you need Oldies, Motown, sexy, rhythmic Rock, the less offensive Disco, etc. He has the funky Halloween stuff, as well like Werewolf of London, Time Warp - we have several versions of that one - , The Monster Mash, etc.. We'd use a little Techo (just enough to make the younger folks happy) and no Rap. (The last thing I need is for some young punk to be ripping on "Bitches" in a room full of "Witches". Or course, Queen Latifa, now, that's another thing entirely. She's a goddess.

Just now, I'm looking for Pagan music that will get people moving. In 5 years of doing this, we've found very little Pagan music that you can really dance to. Oddly enough, people always suggest Enya. It's lovely music, mind, I have every CD she's ever made, but it doesn't make you want to shake what Momma gave you, not like Aretha can. We'll use a bit of Enya in between sets for mood music, but when we want them to really go, it's going to be down and dirty music. That, or the fun stuff.


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