Friday, October 01, 2004

Going Postal

The PSA's (Public Service Announcements) have gone out. Captain Lightening is going to send some sexy Witch art on the The Wave magazine tonight to go with our calendar listing.

The October newsletter is done and that goes out tonight, as well. Snakemoon and our new writers have done a great job.

Captain Lightning bought me a copy of
Going Postal, as a present. I'm going to take a bit of a break and read it this weekend.

Spent some time on the phone yesterday with Quark. His father just had serious cancer surgery. I've sent a memo to the staff to let them know that he might not be working the ball this year, and asking them to give him as much support as possible. I'll see if he wants to go out to a movie or something this weekend, but I think he'll want some time alone.

Do I send DragonLady's notes out to the Voice as an humorous article? - she says it's OK. hummmmm.

I dropped off flyers are various spots this week and we've added some new sponsors.

Today, I need to contact Lucie Stern about insurance and double check their figures. They seem to have some of the math wrong. Meanwhile, I need to contact the belly dancers & the DJ.

One of the Vendors threatens to cancel at the last minute. I'm not pleased about that. We may have to scramble in the next few weeks. I'll call Thalassa about that today.

Some nice weather would also be good - it threatened to rain last night.


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