Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Witches' Ball Altar & Equinox.

Happy Equinox.

I'm celebrating the day in various ways. For one thing, today is the day I like to build the Witches' Ball altar. I choose that time because the wheel of the year has turned again and the energy changes along with the weather. Everything feels light and more hopeful at this time of year.

In August it was very hot with almost no breezes and the air was thick with dirt, city smog and smoke from the fires in Sonoma county. It's cooler now, and the air is much clearer. You can see the difference in energy in the way folks talk and in their attitudes. Even my dog is happier. He's a shephard/lab mix and he likes cool weather.

I love fall.

People at FCE are now stepping up to fill in where needed for the Witches' Ball. We have a new Treasurer, a Music Chair and a new Advertising Chair now. (As I noted in my last posts: so many of our volunteer staff have had family issues come up that we've had to scramble to fill positions).

Some Tribal Belly Dancers in the area have also offered their services. They will entertain the crowd in the back garden. My favorite Decorating Duo is doing their practical magick (with a budget that's 80% smaller than it was in 2002). Some musicians have also stepped forward to play for our dancers. This is the time when we have to make changes, and when changes are the hardest to make. Ah well....That's the theatre :-)

It's the Year of the Monkey - a lot of people are fighting personal, job and health demons in one form or another. I've got the Monkey God on the alter for just that reason, as this is his forte. I added Kuan Yin, as well, for compassion and communication.