Friday, September 17, 2004

Bad Moon Rising

August & September can be a rough time for the Witches' Ball staff. I don't know why that is - it could have something to do with the energy change this time of year. Everyone has family problems or their lives are in upheaval. I did a quick list and this is what some of our people are dealing with right now.

* One couple is trying to raise a family while the husband re-trains and the wife works to support them. Right now, they are dealing with huge student loans.
* One person may have a good job offer after months of being out of work in his field.....but the job is in Seattle - that will cost us two good people from the staff next year as they are also a husband and wife team.
* One person who is doing their student teaching this year under very difficult conditions
* Two other people were just laid off from very good, professional positions this month (and these are really hard to find these days).
* One person has a father who was just diagnosed with throat cancer -
* One person was just sent overseas for 3 weeks suddenly by their office here. To make matters worse, they might be hiring and training the very people who will replace them.
* One person is overwhelmed with two jobs and her son just joined the Marines - he leaves for bootcamp in December. She's off the staff entirely, now, and no wonder.
* One person has a father who was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This person has gone back home to help care for him.
* One person has a father with two forms of cancer and a mother with heart disease
* One person is closing their business and re-training in another field
* One person is dealing with chronic health issues and has an elderly parent who is also ill. His partner also has health issues.
* Two people are raising children with special needs.

We do the best we can to support one another, but it's been a hard, hard year on all concerned.


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