Monday, March 30, 2009

Trust Circles

Who is in your trust circle? Have they earned that place in the center of your life? What about you? Are you worthy of taking that central and honored place in another person's circle? How trustworthy are the connections we make in an era when we count as "friends" people we've never actually met?

Christopher Allen has written an article dealing with the topographical
map of human interaction. In this article he uses terms that eco-feminists and those in earthwise traditions will recognize: Support Circle, Sympathy Circle, Trust Circle, Emotional Circle and one that may be new: the Familiar Stranger. If you are:

* Pondering the ways in which your life overlaps, intersects and connects with the lives of the people around you, or
* You are choosing who to work with on a project, ritual or event or
* You
wondering who you can count on in a crisis,

you might find this useful.


Art: Morgan Weistling’s painting The Quilting Bee, 19th Century Americana

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Anonymous said...

Holy Cow. I love holy cows. Your post is so what? Just fits what I have recently gone with and through. How do I explain? --- a totally new realization is one way, but I need to explore your link further before I can articulate it in meaningful ways.( which I doubt I would do in a public forum) Just thanks for helping me in that direction. I know this does not probably make sense, but it so helps me that I am very grateful and need to tell you that. It is about an old friendship that has been made new again. Holy Cow! I love holy cows. You have touched a deep cord. Thanks Rhondda

William Cassity said...

Thank you for the article link. Was a very good read. - Iritar

Dj Connell said...

I'm delighted that you found it useful.