Saturday, December 06, 2008

Bioneers: Lucas Benitez and a Revolution from the Heart of Nature

Critique without vision is complicitous with dominance
Caroline Casey, In Trickster We Trust

Today I would like to share what photographer Jennifer Esperanza has said on her flickr page about Lucas Benitez and the remarkable speech he made at this year's Bioneers Conference. Jennifer is known among earthwise folks at flickr for her beautiful series of photos titled "It's All The Goddess To Me". Jennifer writes:

Lucas Benitez was by far for me the most powerful speaker at Bioneers this year. I was moved to tears...

I wonder how many people know that the people who pick the tomatoes
that are used in many fast food chains get 35¢ for 35 pounds picked....
pretty sick stuff but how else can they offer those "cheep" meals...
As our economy shifts.. let us think deeply about where our food comes from.. how it is grown & who's backs are broken to bring it to our tables.
She has also provided some great links, which I have copied below. Thank you, Jennifer. I would also check out the CD for sale at Bioneers titled: Cycles of Continuous Creation: The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

Jennifer's links:

Fighting for Fair Food: An interview with Lucas Benitez, co-director of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) • CIW, partnering with students and churches, forced the largest fast food company in the world to the negotiating table to improve farm worker conditions and sub-poverty wages by Arty Mangan

from Mother Jones

Progressive Radio Interview

Free the Slaves

Other Links of Interest:


Founder Kenny Ausubel coined the term Bioneers in 1990 to describe an emerging culture. Bioneers are social and scientific innovators from all walks of life and disciplines who have peered deep into the heart of living systems to understand how nature operates, and to mimic "nature's operating instructions" to serve human ends without harming the web of life. Nature's principles—kinship, cooperation, diversity, symbiosis and cycles of continuous creation absent of waste—can also serve as metaphoric guideposts for organizing an equitable, compassionate and democratic society.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Want to get more active? Then check out the Communities Page at Bioneers which features sections on activism, ecological design, ecological medicine, education, food and farming and youth leadership.

Thank you Jennifer and thank you Mr. Benitez.


Image: Computer Quilt image from the 2005 Bioneers conference page.

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