Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Goddess in the Iron Age

It is not that the divine is everywhere: it is that the divine is everything.
Joseph Campbell

Today I would like to share this article: Sacred Repositories and Goddess Figurines by Johanna Stuckey. It appears at the Matri-Focus. Please note: The is a speculative, not a scholarly magazine, and should be enjoyed as such. (1)

I would also recommend her article titled Ancient Grain Goddess of the Eastern Mediterranean



(1) A scholarly or professional journal (as opposed to a magazine) contains articles that fit strict standards and are peer reviewed by other experts in the field prior to publication. The writers cite primary sources (essential when writing history), list extensive bibliographies and list their theories as such.

Photo: Iron Age Cult Stand courtesy of WitsEnd
A cult stands like this holds bowls of incense - Click on photo to see larger image.
This was part of an exhibit I attended with friends at the Legion of Honor Art Museum in San Francisco last summer. Photo used with permission of one of those friends.

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Using scholarly vs popular sources when writing.

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