Monday, January 25, 2010

Still Here

Hello, Dear Hearts, how are you? I've missed you.

Like most folks I've been following the news from Haiti, especially the on-going rescue efforts and heroic medical care for both people and animals. What I could usefully glean these last few weeks, I've posted here @birdgarden:

(If you are looking at the blog you'll see my twitter posts appearing in the right hand column, just under the image of
Gaia Holding The World)

I posted three links last night about the work being done to help farm and companion animals in Haiti by many groups working as one large, effective unit (work that, understandably, has to take a backseat to human needs.) You will also see link to news on animal rescue efforts during the floods in California and all through the harsh winter in Europe and here in the U.S. I'll post more when I can. (I will also write more on my new found respect for the networking & charitable powers of Twitter and my on-going distrust of and dislike for
Facebook's privacy policies, another time).

I would like to thank those of you who wrote such kind remarks after my Yule post. I wasn't "back", per
se, but I did want you to know that I was thinking about you and wishing you a happy time. We had a peaceful holiday at our home and took delight in small things. I hope you had a lovely time, as well.

The approach of
Imbolc finds my family still at a crossroads but well, even so. My aunt has finally passed on after a series of strokes and a slow descent into isolation and confusion as her dementia increased. This passing was a blessing for her and those who love her. I should note here that the responsibility for her care fell to my cousins and their spouses who rose to the occasion with compassion, patience and respect for her needs. I merely cheered them on from the sidelines and did what little I could.

A while back, I called friends in N. California to see how they had come through the 6.5 quake near their home only to be told about the unexpected loss of one friend's elder brother. His death (and the death of my older sister) were both due to cancer. I hope some day to see this cruel disease cured in my lifetime. At this point, I'll remind you all to go to your doctors and get those moles checked (our friend's brother died from carcenogelic melanoma which started out as a small, cancerous mole three years ago and traveled to his brain) and, yes, my sisters,
please, get those yearly mammograms no matter what those fools say. Do not, do not, do not wait until you are 50. The people who want you to do that, are thinking about their bottom line, not your health. Be proactive and take care of yourselves.

Meanwhile, my own dear elder is healing from the effects of her car accident (which
occurred right after we got back from NADWCon), while suffering more and more from COPD and heart trouble. We have now moved from medicine A to B and are now at C for her breathing troubles which is, just now, effective. I continue to care for her (while she continues to be her strong minded, independent self, bless her ) as does my husband. This continues to involve travel and time away from home. I don't know how many men would take weeks off from work to care for a wife's relative, no matter how beloved that elder might be, but this one did. I married well in the best sense of that word and I have the good sense to know it.

The state of things leaves me with little time (and less brain) to do any thoughtful blogging. Please know that I read your own blogs with interest. Your insights, art, humor and wisdom continue to sustain me and I thank you.

The current situation in both California and Haiti reminds me to
a) do what good I can in the world
(to be honest, my volunteer work has kept me sane) and

b) count my own blessings.

As I said, what I do now makes me a bear of little brain so Tweeting updates on
earthwise news and the odd posting of links to my Facebook account is all I'm really good for. My beloved has just installed wifi in our elder's home which is yet another blessing on my gratitude list. So if I can write, I will. But if I can't, know that you are in my thoughts.

May the sun shine on your journey in this new year. May we all find ways to help those who cannot help themselves. As an old friend says, "Witches deal with things". No doubt you are dealing with your own challenges, while at the same time offering a helping hand to people in need you've never met. You make me proud, you really do.

With love and respect,


Photo: Egress Sign at NADWCon (artwork by Magaret Grady). Photo from NADWCon Flickr pool, courtesy of Hereatwitsend


Hecate said...

You are missed and you've been in my thoughts. Good to hear from you.

Cari said...

Sia, thank you for the update and insight into your recent days. We have missed you, but honestly, blogging can become a part-time job and sometimes you need and should have a break! I appreciate your links of FB and wonder if you will indeed be able to attend P-con? In any case, sending Bride's blessings your way as the wheel continues in its turning.

Morgaine said...

Good to hear from you, Sia. Missed you ~


Dj Connell said...


Thank you for asking but I won't be at PCon this year, much as I might like to see my CA friends. When I lived in Silicon Valley, I went every year for over a decade, and I had a great time. Since moving to Oregon I find I need badly some sunshine by Jan/Feb and San Jose in Feb. can be cold and rainy, (especially, it seems, this year!) My pennies will take me someplace sunny this spring so I can recharge my batteries.

I hope you have a great time. Let us all know what it's like.