Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Faerieworlds moves to larger venue: Mt Pisgah in Eugene, OR

For all those who plan to attend Faerieworlds 2009:

UPDATE: Faerieworlds has sold so many tickets that they had to moved to another, larger venue: Mt Pisgah in Eugene.
Please see their website for new site, hotel information. You can buy tickets here or at the event.

Updated information has just been posted re 2009 performers and vendors.
Photos and video are also posted at the site.

Most of the pre-festival Faerie Academy workshops are sold out but a few still have spaces. Please see website for details.

Festival Last for 3 Days:
July 31st - August 2nd - Friday: Good Faeries Day - Saturday: Bad Faeries Day - Sunday: Family Day

Celebrating Music, Art & Imagination
Inspired by the Realm of Faerie

For the last several years we have been nurturing the vision of Faerieworlds as a gathering place for musicians, artists, authors and craftspeople to come together and celebrate the realm of Faerie.

This years festival once again takes place at (NEW LOCATION) Mt Pisgah in Eugene, Oregon.

Over the last four years we saw 12 foot tall dancing Satyrs, pixies, goddesses from every tradition, gnomes, dragons and all other imaginable otherworldly characters. This year we again invite everyone to come out and celebrate your true spirit at the delicious feast of the senses that is the Faerieworlds Festival.

Each year the festival has benefited organizations who are working for exceptional causes. Events have benefited Waldorf Education Charter Schools in Arizona, the Historic Aero Theatre in Los Angeles, Nature Conservancy in New Mexico, Julia Butterfly Hill and her organization Circle of Life, and this past year the Family School in Eugene, Oregon.

continues to grow and expand as a concept, and we are currently working on several new themed events to occur over the next two years. Stay tuned to for more details.
Video: Spiral Dance at Faerieworlds

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