Monday, May 18, 2009

The Bank of Happiness or 5 Good Things About Hard Times

Today I would like to offer some food for thought. This comes from a story called Happy News from the Recession: 5 Good Things About Hard Times:

Estonians create a virtual “Bank of Happiness.”

Estonia, a small country in Eastern Europe, has been hit hard by the global recession. But while Estonia’s national bank is dealing with a catastrophic fall-out, Estonia’s Bank of Happiness is happily accepting new members.

The Bank of Happiness has no physical presence, but is merely an Internet portal where Estonians can register their contact details, along with details on what personal and professional skills they can use to help community members, as well as requests for what they’d like help with from others.

“I think young people would love to do this. Not everything has to be based on money,” 18-year-old student Evelin Tamm told the Times Online. “I love to clean and to babysit. Perhaps, in return, someone could help me with my maths and physics.”

The Bank of Happiness hasn’t officially opened for business yet, but Estonians are eager to register and start helping their neighbors. One of the Bank’s founders, Rainer Nolvak, believes that the idea has the potential to transform the small country.

“It is based on the assumption that doing good is good for you,” he said. “It will touch everyone with a conscience.”

Lest anyone think that tiny Estonia has it easier than we do, I would offer an earlier article I wrote on their Singing Revolution.


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