Wednesday, April 01, 2009

China Buys Google

The People's Republic of China has acquired a controlling stake in the United States' fastest growing technology company, Google.

Google announced the transfer of 140m shares of Class B stock to a new entity owned by the Chinese Ministry of Information...The deal raises urgent national security questions.

...Amongst the assets acquired by the Chinese government is NASA's Ames Research Center. Google announced a partnership with Ames last year, and, as it turns out, the move laid the groundwork for the takeover by the PRC.

More on this story at the Silicon Valley Register


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Anonymous said...

I find this horrifying.

Dj Connell said...

Did you click on the link?


Anonymous said...

; - )


Anonymous said...

Sia, you are such the kidder! You had me going for a few seconds! Good one.