Wednesday, February 04, 2009

On-line Crafting Classes

Isn't she lovely?

Temple Dancer Doll

I just found a craft website called Joggles, and their classes look like a lot of fun.
Check out the Temple Dancer Doll class with Barbara Schoenoff. This online class starts on Feb. 6th. Do you like working with textiles? Then this sort of class might be just the thing.

Quilt Art:

While you are at it, check out this beautiful piece by quilt artist Alma Cox titled Letting Go. Ms. Cox also teaches at Joggles and her work has been featured on Oregon Art Beat. Her book on Telamedera fusion comes out in November 2009, and you can read about it at her blog.


Oh, to be a bit more crafty now that spring is almost here. I'm not a sewing kind o' gal, (I'm more of a collage type myself) but I admire those who have these skills. I know a number of them in the Seamstress Guild (Motto: Not a Needle Among 'Em). Despite what you may hear, some of them really can sew.


Sia Have Glue Gun, Will Travel Vogel

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