Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our First Lady is a Classic

Our stylish and thoughtful First Lady makes some interesting choices, both in the causes she supports and the clothes she chooses to wear. Here is what she said about the dress she wore to the Swearing In Ceremony:

Toledo, who only learned that Obama would wear her design early Tuesday morning, told The Associated Press, "It's not just my moment and hers, but it's the world's." She said she chose the "lemon grass" color of the outfit for the optimism it represents, fitting as the Obama campaign based its message on hope and optimism.

"That color has sunshine in it," she said. (1)
She was smart enough to wear a dress with silk layers and a pashmina lining (2) that would keep her warm, and she walked on high heals, in the cold, and she stood during much of the parade, smiling and waving and looking like she appreciated every single element of that day. Well done.

I am very pleased to see her focusing on the needs of military families, as well as keeping a close eye on her need for balance and the needs of her girls.

This article also contains some lovely pictures of the Obamas. They look like a close and loving family. I love that. This is energy we need right now.


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(1) Earthwise readers will appreciate the layers of meaning in her choice of lemongrass as a color - we know this herb. Lemongrass oil is associated with cleansing, healing, purification and the relief of depression - appropriate, yes? I often use it in ritual. Auroshikha and Troika both make a lovely incense from lemongrass.

(2) Wool gathering from these goats is sustainable and cruelty-free


National Military Family Association

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