Thursday, December 25, 2008

We Have Heat! Now, How About Those Other Folks?: Warming Centers Need Supplies and Volunteers

We have heat!

Himself hiked up the hill and through the snow last night and met the repair guy at the top of our road. In true mythic fashion the part we needed was the very last one they had and the driver took us on as his last run before he went home on Christmas Eve. He said that if he'd known what our mountain was like, he never would have come. His tip was worthy.

My guy was able to repair the heater, and we had heat by midnight. (1)

The kitten still prefers to sleep in my fleece jacket. It's hers for as long as she wants.

Warming Centers

My thoughts today are with the large numbers of people trying to get warm at the Portland Warming Centers and elsewhere in the country. Got socks? How about blankets or jackets? They could use all these and some volunteers, as well. If you are able to help, please do so.

Happy Holidays to you and yours,



Art: Image from The Snow Queen by Seattle artist Vladyslav Yerko AKA Advinter. You can buy the book with his illustrations here.


(1) We're still snowed in and will be for days but unlike some other folks we have shelter, food, water, and power. So we'll shovel every day and watch it snow. If we are lucky, the propane truck will be able to get here by Monday and refill our tank. For now, we keep the heat low and try to conserve.

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Anonymous said...

Just a few days behind here--but glad you have heat! I can't imagine the snow storm you're describing--it strikes great fear in my Southern heart!

Be well and warm.