Saturday, November 01, 2008

VOTE: The Suffragettes Speak

A friend sent this photo to me today. I call it The Suffragettes Speak, and it does indeed speak the thousands of words I'd like to say right now, so I'll limit myself to saying "Vote". (1)

Are you seeing voter fraud in your area? You can use Twitter to report this immediately.

Not worried? Think it's in the bag? Then you might wish to read Block the Vote by Robert Kennedy.

Goddess Bless America


Photo: The Suffragettes Speak - Creatrix unknown.


(1) Click on the photo to snake the larger version. You are very welcome to take this and share it as you see fit.

1 comment:

Hecate said...

Great pic. Course, I didn't wait 232 years for Joe Biden, either, but what ya gonna do? I voted for him. Maybe next time we'll get a woman.