Friday, October 03, 2008

Whatever You Do, Don't Vote

Send this to five friends today: Whatever you do, don't vote

The deadline to register to vote is days away in some states. Use this Google voter info map to find where and how to register.

Reasons To Vote

Decisions are made by those who show up

- Aaron Sorkin

Because we are in a time of unprecedented crisis

It has never been more important to make your voice heard on such issues as climate change, alternative energy, jobs, health care, war & peace and the economy. No generation has faced what we face now. Be a part of the solution. Vote

Because the intolerant, the fanatics & the haters among us vote...a lot

Our government was designed for citizen participation. If you don't vote, other people are going to make the decisions for you. There are people out there who hate us, and who want to take away our rights and freedoms. They are organized, they are active, and they vote. What about you?

It’s easy to say, “Never again the burning times”, but actions speak louder than words.
Let them know we mean it. Vote!

Because they're spending your money

How are they doing so far?

Politicians decide how to spend money for collage loans, animal shelters, libraries, breast cancer research, job creation programs, etc. Make sure that the causes and services you care about get funded. Vote!

Because lighting a candle isn't enough

The last two Presidential elections proved that every vote matters.

Because “The Supremes” matter

The next President will appoint the next (2 - 3) members of the U.S Supreme Court. They dictate what freedoms stay and what freedoms are eliminated by their interpretation of the Constitution. These people have a direct (and final) say in issues that affect us all

(See Issues List below).

Because the personal, is political

Groups who are known to vote on certain issues have political power which they can use to promote positive change. Politicians read the polls and they know who votes and why. Use that fact - add your voice to the chorus of Earthwise voters.

Because voting = the power to make change

Don’t believe that? Take a look at women's lives before they had the power of the vote, and see how different things are now. Then look at the struggle for civil rights (including the right to vote) by people of color No one handed their rights to these folks – they had to demand them. And many were beaten, jailed, and killed in the process. Today, people in other countries are literally dying for the chance to vote because they know how important it is.

Social change is only possible when we stand up to be counted.

Because we want no taxation without equal representation

In Congress only 13 percent of the members are people of color, and only 14 percent are women. How many of these folks worry about health care? How many have struggled to make ends meet? How many of them really get it when it comes to the issues you care about? Do we really need more careless, clueless folks making decisions that effect Us?

Want to change things? Vote!

Because voting is an ancient and time honored ritual

Many of us come from proud traditions that used a council and other forms of the voting process to make decisions. Native Americans, Vikings, the Greeks, and other ancient cultures valued this right highly, and fought to keep it. Voting then, is a part of our tradition. Apathy, on the other hand, is a modern invention – it suits those in power very well indeed, but it dis-empowers you.

Our ancestors fought long and hard for the freedoms we have today. Honor this heritage and use the rights they won for us all.

Past & Future Issues that Directly Effect You
Decided On By The Supreme Court of These United States:

● Privacy and Technology ● Religious Liberty ● Health Care ●

● Reproductive Rights ● Jobs ● The Environment ●

● National Security ● Free Speech ● Marriage Laws ●

●The Protection of Endangered Species & National Forests ●

● Lesbian & Gay Rights ● Drug Policy ● Energy Policy ●

● Student’s Rights ● Women’s Rights ● Racial Equality ● HIV/Aids ●

● Criminal Justice ● Child & Elder Care ● Rights of the Poor ●

● Voting Rights ● War, Peace and the Draft ● The Death Penalty ●

● The Separation of Church (sic) and State ● Gun Laws ●

● Water Rights ● Drilling on Federally Protected Lands ● Food Safety ●

● Torture & The Treatment of Suspects and Prisoners ● Regulating Polluters ●

● Stem Cell Research & Genetic Engineering Laws ● Animal Rights ●

● Tax Policy ● Hate Crimes ● Oversight of Big Corporations ●

● Media Ownership ● Rights of the Mentally Ill and the Homeless ● Voting Rights

Homeland Security ● Search & Seizure laws


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Note To those who will not vote as a "protest".

If you are eligible to vote, but choose not to, no one should ever have to listen to you whine about the laws and policies of this country ever again. Don’t vote? Don’t complain.

Seriously, if you don't vote in this election, I don't ever want to hear from you ever again. This is my future, it's your future, it's your kids future, it's the planet's future we're taking about here. So stand up or shut up.

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