Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Greenman and Heritage Farms

Last weekend we took our dog and some of her human friends out to see the changing leaves. Well, we enjoyed the leaves, she, as usual, wanted some new sniffs and the chance to meet and play with other dogs. What better place to go then a heritage farm. Dog was told "no" to chasing chickens but "yes" to sniffing the dog-friendly bunny and sheep. Dog made some friends and I took lots of pictures. We then went on to visit our local herbary to pick up sachets and Samhain gifts. I have a new teapot now, and some dear ones are getting homemade beeswax candles. There is something hopeful and lovely about an herb garden in fall. The Greenman is changing now and will soon take his long sleep but his presence is strong in places like this, both as caretaker and guide. We sipped our hot apple cider, threw corn bread crumbs to the birds and declaimed bits of whatever fall poetry we could remember. Some bawdy limericks were shared as well, which the pigeons seem to like, perhaps the Greenman did, too. (One look at the Stone of Destiny will tell you why. He does so like a laugh).

A good time was had by all.

If you wish to pick your own apples, hunt for pumpkins or bring your family to pick out the perfect Yule tree, you may wish to visit the Pick-Your-Own site to find a family farm near you.This site also offers easy directions for canning, preserving, making jams, jellies, salsas and chutneys, as well as tips on how to dry herbs and fruits.

Meanwhile, let's share some apple folklore and a few apple recipes for fall.



A year of beauty. A year of plenty.
A year of planting. A year of harvest.
A year of forests. A year of healing.
A year of vision. A year of passion.
A year of rebirth. A year of rebirth.
This year may we renew the earth.

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Image: Green Man at Samhain and chant come from the Digital Celt blog

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