Monday, August 11, 2008

Pagans & Money: A Special Issue of PanGaia Magazine

As I write this, the special Money Issue of PanGaia Magazine is now on store shelves and arriving in mail boxes around the globe. It features a cover article on writer and teacher Raven Grimassi along with articles on:

* The Alchemy of Abundance

* Why the Goddess Loves Piggy Banks

* Earthly Treasure

* Kids and Money

* Pagan Business 101

and a Point of View article titled Pagans, Money and Magick by Yours Truly.

I won't say I had fun writing that since it talks about a very difficult time in my life but I can say that writing about this period was cathartic and that the article will, I hope, prove useful to others. Among other things, it outlines the mindset and virtues I've found in a group I call Prosperity Minded Pagans. (1) Comments/opinions on said piece can be sent to me via this website.

The article that appears in PanGaia is somewhat different from the one I originally wrote on this subject. For their own (and for all I know, good, reasons) the editors choose to take out all the humor I'd originally put in the piece. They also made some changes that were a vast improvement. Such is the writing life. If and when I ever publish a collection of my essays, I can and will put the funny back in the piece. And I'll keep those other changes, as well - No fool, me.

Also in this issue is a very good article on Mary as Holy Mother by Archer as well as the winner of the 2008 Pagan Fiction Award titled A Valkyrie Among Jews.

Speaking of Witches I Like:

I had the pleasure of hosting Ann Niven (the owner and founder of SageWoman, PanGaia and New Witch magazine) and her family up at our place the other evening. We sat on the deck eating pie and ice cream, shared our thoughts on Oregon vs California (like me, Anne is a newcomer to the Pacific Northwest) and watched the stars come out. Being able to see this many stars at night is one of my favorite things about living here on our mountain. The mamma deer and her two baby does who live in our meadow are another.

I always get a kick out of Ann who is an outspoken and very knowledgeable woman. She has also managed to raise three of the nicest Pagan boys I have encountered. Meeting young men like these makes me feel very hopeful for the future of our community. Since the oldest has only just started college it is a little early for me to play Yenta, but given the values and courtesy they've been taught, I'd say that their partners will be very lucky people indeed.

Time Off For Good Behavior

As I write this, my partner is taking his friend to the airport. (2) I hope it isn't another two years till we see this friend again. Gods Bless, my dear. It was good to see you again. And, no, you can't have my dog.

Tomorrow we will pack our own bags for my birthday trip. I spent my 40th birthday on top of a volcano. I plan to celebrate my 50th in and around as much tropical water as I can find. It has always been a dream of mine to ride horses with my loved one on a beach at sunset. If I am very lucky, I may get my wish. Since my island fantasies do not include a computer, I'll pick up the blog again when I get back.

Wishing you many wonderful sunsets of your own,



(1) Yes, Virginia, they do exist.

(2) Yes, the lads got back in one piece. While I enjoyed my time alone, watching "chick flicks", taking long lavender baths and eating too much dark chocolate, it is very good to have my own Strider home again and safe. The dog is in heaven and shows it. The cats are staying aloof, but they'll be back in his lap again in no time.

Image: Fairy Godmother by Brian Froud

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Inanna said...

Happy birthday! Your plans sound wonderful. I look forward to picking up that issue of PanGaia and reading your article.

Dj Connell said...

Thank you very much.