Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Adopt A Cat for Lughnassa

Why not give a cat (or dog) a home for Lughnassa? I can't think of a better blessing then that.

If you live in the Portland area, check out the Dark Knight & Better With A Buddy adoption drives. Information on both events is below.


Dark Night Adopt-a-Thon at Cat Adoption Team
See what dark cats do after the sun goes down
August 1, 7 pm until 1 am

Wonder what shelter cats do when the sun goes down? Check out all the Dark Cats during the Cat Adoption Team Dark Night Adopt-a-Thon Friday, August 1. The CAT staff is going batty from midnight madness and is offering a special Dark Cat adoption discount during this after hours Adopt-a-Thon.

When: Friday, August 1
7 pm - 1 am (adoptions stop at 12:30 am)
Where: Cat Adoption Team Shelter
14175 SW Galbreath Dr.
Sherwood, OR 97140
(503) 925-8903

And until 9 pm at these CAT adoption outreach locations

* Hillsboro PetSmart Washington Square PetSmart
NE 25th/NE Cornell 8825 SW Cascade Avenue

* Clackamas PetSmart Wilsonville PetSmart
9450 SE 82nd Ave. 8311 SW Jack Burns Blvd.

Event: $25 off regular adoption fees for ‘dark’ cats/kittens (solid black, black and white, mostly black, and tortoiseshell cats all eligible for this Dark Night special) (other adoption discounts may not apply during this ‘dark’ special)

All ‘dark’ cats eligible for this ‘dark’ special will have special signs on their kennels

Special viewing of Batman movies and television series on the big screen all
evening long

Free popcorn

Chance to win tickets to see Batman “Dark Knight” movie at the Sherwood Regal

Cinema – 10 pairs to be given away throughout the evening

Go batty and buy all your cats’ nighttime gear at the CAT in-shelter Boutique – catnip toys, scratch posts, lively toys, collars, food, and trinkets

Better With A Buddy Adoption Drive
Adopt any two felines through Labor Day, September 1,
and receive $50 off your total adoption fee!

Cats like company and life sure is better with a buddy. Bring home two rambunctious kittens, two fun loving teenagers, two mellow adult cats, or any combination and receive the Better with a Buddy adoption discount.

Adoption discounts available at our Sherwood shelter, pre-adoptions out of foster care, any of CAT’s adoption outreach locations.

Double your feline fun and save $50!

The Cat Adoption Team (CAT) is the Pacific Northwest’s largest non-profit, feline-only shelter with its own full-service veterinary hospital onsite. CAT’s mission is to work with the community to save the lives of homeless, sick and injured cats and kittens by offering shelter, adoption, foster, hospice, spay/neuter, and veterinary services to end needless feline euthanasia. CAT will find homes for over 3,200 felines this year. As a 501(c)(3) publicly-supported charity, CAT relies on the generous support of the public and volunteers.
14175 SW Galbreath Drive ~ Sherwood OR 97140 ~ (503) 925-8903 ~

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