Saturday, May 03, 2008

We'll Know It When....

We'll know we've achieved real equality in this country when the media regularly writes articles like this one about men.

Yes. She can take care of her family and still do her job. Most working mothers don't even have a choice. (1).

Best of luck to the family.

Now, can we have more real world help and clear policies from the various candidates on how they intend to help those families who have children with special needs?



Disability and Democracy


(1) Many hard working men are great fathers; something we all know, but the media continues to find amazing and rare. To be honest, though, I'm not sure how many hands-on, involved Dads you'll find in our Congress and U.S. Senate - the culture of that place (and in American politics in general) just doesn't support it. Which explains, really, why our family policies are what they are. These guys have never had to put their kids in bad schools or wondered how they will pay for health care. Most of them have rarely cleaned a dish. I doubt they have worked one full time job only to come home to a second full time job caring for their families. Maybe we should adjourn our government for a just a bit, and let them catch up on their real housework?

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