Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ian McKellen To Play Gandalf In The Hobbit

Have I mentioned that I just adore Ian McKellen?

No doubt you've heard that he is to be in the film version of The Hobbit. I first saw him in Acting Shakespeare in 1983 at the Westwood Playhouse in L.A. (1) I'll watch anything this actor does but to have him play Gandalf again is ice cream on the theatrical cake.

I've met him (briefly) a few times, and I'm happy to say that in person he's a gentleman (and has such lovely eyes). I also love his writing.

Can a happily married lady have a crush on a proudly gay actor for over two decades? Damn right she can.


(1) and, joyfully again, in 1987. It's a little place, and to see him work up close like that was one of my best experiences in the theatre.

Video: the Youtube video comes from the BBC comedy featuring Ricky Gervais, called Extras. Here he is interviewing for a part in a play with a very loopy Sir Ian. Here is a short video of an interview he did for New Zealand television about his role as King Lear which gives a good sense of the man, and here is another video he made, supporting civil rights in Singapore. Enjoy

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